We are thrilled to support the 2016 WhitLit Festival with a special play reading ‘The End Of The Affair’ written by our very own Artistic Director Alison Mead on Saturday 14 May. 

Ursula has been an actress all her life and is currently understudying the lead role in a mediocre play in the West End.  Unknown to everyone else, Ursula has no intention of going on, as she suffers from stage fright, a secret she has kept hidden from everyone, including her long-term dresser Penny.  When her secret is revealed, it appears that she will be out on her ear, until Penny comes up with a hare-brained scheme that, to everyone’s surprise, seems to work…

‘The End Of The Affair’ will be read by members of the KCT company in the Library Lecture Room at 4.30pm. 

Tickets are available at £5.50 each from The Horsebridge Centre on 01227 281174.